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SCRAP MANAGERで使用される構造体です。CとFutureBasicのヘッダーを対応させています。


The following interfaces are available only when compiling for

When promising a scrap flavor, it's OK if you
don't yet know how big the flavor data will be.
In this case, just pass kScrapFlavorSizeUnknown
for the flavor data size.

enum {
kScrapFlavorSizeUnknown = -1

kScrapReservedFlavorType is a flavor type which is reserved
for use by Scrap Manager. If you pass it to Scrap Manager,
it will be rejected.

enum {
kScrapReservedFlavorType = 'srft'

We've added scrap flavor flags ala Drag Manager.

kScrapFlavorMaskNone means you want none of the flags.

kScrapFlavorSenderOnlyMask means only the process which
put the flavor on the scrap can see it. If some other
process put a flavor with this flag on the scrap,
your process will never see the flavor, so there's
no point in testing for this flag.

kScrapFlavorTranslated means the flavor was translated
from some other flavor in the scrap by Translation Manager.
Most callers should not care about this bit.
enum {
kScrapFlavorMaskNone = 0x00000000,
kScrapFlavorMaskSenderOnly = 0x00000001,
kScrapFlavorMaskTranslated = 0x00000002

typedef UInt32 ScrapFlavorFlags;
ScrapFlavorInfo describes a single flavor within
a scrap.
struct ScrapFlavorInfo {
ScrapFlavorType flavorType;
ScrapFlavorFlags flavorFlags;
typedef struct ScrapFlavorInfo ScrapFlavorInfo;
typedef struct OpaqueScrapRef* ScrapRef;

_kScrapFlavorSizeUnknown = -1
_kScrapReservedFlavorType = _"srft"
_kScrapFlavorMaskNone = 0
_kScrapFlavorMaskSenderOnly = 1
_kScrapFlavorMaskTranslated = 2
_kScrapRefNone = _nil

#define ScrapFlavorFlags as UInt32
#define ScrapFlavorType as OSType

begin record ScrapFlavorInfo
dim flavorType as ScrapFlavorType
dim flavorFlags as ScrapFlavorFlags
end record

#define ScrapRef as UInt32